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"Perhaps the only soulful thing to come out of Fresno, AC Myles can play the hell out of a guitar, and he's growing as a songwriter"
- San Jose Metro Editor Steve Palopoli

"Blues-rocking guitarist AC Myles is putting the paddles to a genre that has certainly seen better days. As legends have continued to pass on and new talent simply doesn't seem to have the staying power, Myles is the perfect storm. Strong vocals and even stronger instrumental skills have this fire brand guitarist poised to turn some heads and raise some roofs! Sounds like? Hmmm, think of the musical happy place somewhere between Bobby Bland and Johnny Winter and you may be getting warm as taste is indeed subjective. The original "Livin' A Lie" may be the hidden gem and ground zero for an artist whose musical stock seems to be an arrow pointing straight up. The real deal folks! Dig it!" - Brent Black /

..."allows Myles to flex his vocals. Things begin to heat up with the blues guitar solos of "Do You Read Me" and the classic country blues of Johnny Adams' "Reconsider Me" as Myles showcases every side of his talents for performing. He plugs in for the rip rocking, pulsating rush of the original "Livin' A Lie," then turns to the blues of "Death Bed Blues" that shows his talent for songwriting." - JP's Music Blog

"This album is a stunning piece of work and will put Mr Myles on your list to see live and to track down his previous releases."
- Bob Bonsey - Blues Matters Magazine UK

"'Reconsider Me' by AC Myles is an enjoyable CD. The man has a very good voice and he's a great guitarist. There is much variety in his music." - Rootstime Belgium

"Concentrating on his solo career after some very respectable positions as sideman including work with Fillmore Slim and a stint with John Németh, the talented Northern California-based singer and guitarist A.C. Myles is set to release his second solo album, Produced by Kid Andersen at his Greaseland studio, Reconsider Me! spotlights Myles’s tough guitar playing and devastating singing. 'Livin’ A Lie' owes much to Johnny Winter’s flamboyant 1970s recordings, an anthemic, radio-ready chorus. Myles turns in a fierce and funky version of Rory Gallagher’s 'Do You Read Me'. Myles’s powerful voice is well suited to these rocking numbers. The country soul classic 'Reconsider Me' by Johnny Adams is a show stopper... while the Tan Canary is often cited as one of the best pure singers to work in blues and R&B, Myles’s performance yields nothing. Subtle shifts in timbre give his voice a country feeling; his phrasing is devastatingly expressive; and his glides into falsetto during the choruses are breathtaking. - Tom Hyslop / / Blues Revue Magazine

"Soild, confident performance with strong guitar and vocals and good attention to tone"
- Bruce Iglauer - Alligator Records

..."producers and other talent scouts have not yet got hold of AC Myles to make him a direct competitor of Joe Bonamassa, Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Johnny Lang?" - François Becquart, Music in Belgium

"Myles has done a really sweet job of interpretation and I really like the way his voice sounds... Kind of a mix between Mickey Thomas and John Fogherty. Very cool release. Myles shows that he has a terrific voice for soul and guitar riffs to match." - Bmans Blues Report

"Blues rock or maybe it's blue jazz, you could call the music of AC Myles one of those or maybe both, but whichever of the two you pick it's hard not to call his music good. His ear for blues music is well tuned with the guitar riffs that are laid out in the songs and his vocals that put the soul in the songs. There's change in the tempos, the sounds being produced by all the instruments, and the vocals so that at no time does this album sound like it's repeating itself. a fun album with songs that are fun to listen to that are filled with upbeat tempos, catchy lyrics, and beats that make you get in a better mood. There's some different sounds being played with the instruments but AC Myles still keeps the heart of blues in his sound, such as doing the slide on the guitar that's all blues. Reconsider Me is a nice blues album with a touch of country in it that has 11 tracks that are fun to listen to." - Lee Roberts /

"The gifted musician continues onwards with 'Death Bed Blues,' another Myles original, it's a sultry blues club track that puts you immediately right there in the smokey night club scene. Up next is 'What Is Love,' a cover that shows Myles' love for 60's R&B influences. Borrowing the track from the Bay Area quartet The Loved Ones, they include Bart Davenport on lead vocals (and later, the Kinetics), and man, this Myles cut is just incredible to behold. Along next is 'Call 'em All Baby,' a track that showcases the diversity of Myles' vocal tones as you would never know it was him based on the rest of this album, trust me! A southern mid-tempo rock country-tinged cut, it's easily another stand out song on this album." - Russell A. Trunk